Kyukyoku Zikibar is the coach of The Experiment and vice president of The Aisuru Foundation. He is the main antagonist of Inazuma Eleven RP 3: The Aisuru Attack.


"Vice-President of The Aisuru Foundation and Ishiro’s right-hand man. Son of Doctor Zikibar, who abandoned him in order to pursue his science and power. Cold, smart and resilient with his experiments."


When you grow up the son of a scientist who devotes himself to his research and inventions, you have to learn to entertain yourself. So, of course, Kyukyoku turned to the activity it seemed everyone was in love with, football. But, he couldn’t crack it. No matter how much he tried, he could never get a good handle on the game. So. he eventually figured he wouldn’t play football anymore. Instead, he’d devote himself entirely to creating the perfect football team, a team so powerful, it would defeat everything in its way, and Kyukyoku could finally get what he wanted all this time. Not only total power and domination, but also to be seen. Be noticed. Maybe even by his father.

However, his methods were less than desirable. He rose up the ranks in The Aisuru Foundation, the whole time hoping to one day overthrow Ishiro and Okori-Nai, and used the funding, resources and power he had in his possession to create the perfect team, which he dubbed The Experiment, a team made out of his students he experimented on.

Kyukyoku’s cruel, cold and calculating, inheriting nothing from his father except for his ability to not see the consequences of his actions. 

His naive nature is often his greatest downfall, as while his plan to create The Experiment has always been his greatest dream, it’s one he never properly looked at before, instead pulling it out as a last resort. The actual lives of the children he was experimenting on never came to his mind, and despite never giving up on his mission, he does still feel some remorse about what he’s done.

What Kyukyoku never expected though, was for everything to backfire. While Ishiro has yet to catch on, his father did, and despite never being able to rid himself of his parental instincts, disowned his son, telling him that he never wished to see his face again. Unsurprisingly, Kyukyoku did not take well to this, deciding to use it as motivation, to become the leader of Aisuru and destroy the football his father loved so much. Once he took control, he would take steps to get rid of football once and for all. All it was now was just a tool, a fun experiment that he would erase once he got bored, or succeeded his goals.

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